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Our Brands

The brand we sell is carefully selected as the finest brand. We are well aware of consumers’ pursuit of quality and reliability, which is why we have invested a significant amount of time and effort in handpicking these products from numerous brands.

These top-tier brands represent outstanding quality, innovative design, and trustworthy performance. We have established long-term partnerships with these brands, aligning closely with their values ​​and commitments.

Together with our brand partners, we strive to ensure that the products we sell meet the highest standards and provide a satisfactory factory shopping experience.

Our Selected Brands

Penguin by POLYWARE

Smart Compression Fitting

Advance Mechanical Jointing System with improved Quality, Design and Performance. ISO Standard Mechanical Jointing System suitable for pipe PE80 & PE100.

Polyfuse by POLYWARE

Electro Fusion Fitting

EF is the new technique to provide reliable connection for PE pipe system.

Butt Fusion Fitting, Flange & Gasket

A High Quality PE pipeline system which able to sustain high pressure with low maintenance cost. Butt fusion is a method of jointing thermoplastic pipes together without using sleeve fittings.

Socket Fusion Fitting

Socket fusion welding is a widely used technique for assembling plastics piping systems using injection moulded fittings. The operating concept are simple, with the binding cycle primarily made up of a heating phase and a cooling or welding phase.

HÜRNER Schweisstechnik

Being the sole distributor for HÜRNER Schweisstechnik in the South East Asia region, NCCS not only conduct marketing efforts for Hurner’s devices and welding systems but also as an elite after sales service centre providing maintenance and service for your welding systems such as electrofusion units, butt-welding machines, accessories, software or consultation.


Tubing pipe, Irrigation fittings, Sprinkler, Drip, Valve Series, Greenhouse accessories
WINDMILL irrigation Specialize in irrigation & water connection products for over 20 years.

AVA by TPLI Industries

Metal Casting valves, joints, fittings and accessories

AVA engaged in the manufacture and supply of metal casting valves, joints, fittings and accessories for water treatment, distribution and sewerage system since 1998.

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